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Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is usually not only a time of overeating, but also a time of over using the garbage disposal. This can spell a disaster because the average disposal in your Arlington home should last approximately 12 years.
Arlington, VA Garbage-Disposal-ServicesHowever, following the three tips below will ensure that both your family and garbage disposal survive the Thanksgiving holiday.

Pace Yourself

People love garbage disposals because they are a convenient way to quickly and easily clean up the kitchen. They also reduce bad smells and the need to take the trash out.
Therefore, avoid overloading the garbage disposal with large amounts of food waste at one time. Instead, gradually add food with the water running.
This will take more time, but will prevent a troublesome clog up. However, if the garbage disposal is overloaded, there will be problems. This is because large food scraps that make it past the garbage disposal blades will settle inside the drain pipe where they will accumulate and eventually result in blockage.
By this time, common remedies will not solve the issue. Instead, all sink piping must be disassembled and cleaned.

Be Selective

There are certain food items that should never be fed into the garbage disposals. For example, pasta and rice will rapidly expand in water and potentially clog the drains. Large amounts of egg shells and vegetable peels, such as potatoes or carrots, may also clog up drains.
Certain stringy vegetables, such as carrots or celery, should be just thrown away because their fibrous strings can wrap around the blades of the garbage disposal. On the other hand, bones or harder food materials, such as fruit pits, may dent or break the garbage disposal blades.
Additionally, coffee grounds may be tiny, but they can accumulate and cause clogging. Finally, be sure to never put oil, fat or grease down the drain. This is sure to create problems because all of these will eventually harden inside the drain and cause pipe blockage.

Avoid Chemicals

All sink drains will eventually back up. Most Arlington homeowners will automatically use standard unclogging products without realizing that these dangerous chemicals are powerful acids that damage pipes.
For example, Drano and Liquid Plumber are well-known brands, but a less well-known fact is that they are known to cause pipe wall deterioration. Over time, this could lead to a pipe bursting. Instead, consider calling a plumbing professional for advice.
To recap, garbage disposals should be sparingly used in order to avoid potential drain clogs or damage to pipes.

Don’t get clogged up this Thanksgiving in your Arlington, VA home, call The Plumbing Dr. today (703) 525-9280.