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When you need a plumber, there are certain questions you need to ask. Maybe you have been lucky and you haven’t had to call someone. In any case then, you need to read this to learn what you should be asking before you even give the plumber directions to your home, let alone letting him in.

You want to first learn if he’s qualified. What sets him apart from other plumbers and what sort of training does he have? These are good things to know as you might find that he has a lot of issues and just taught himself. If you have an issue where you have to call the plumber, you want to know that he can fix the problem. They should be licensed as well as insured.Some of you might want to know what time he can come. There are all too many people out there who are too trusting and don’t ask plumber questions. They just let the plumber in and leave their home to run a quick errand or so forth. This shouldn’t be done. You should be there. There are too many crooked people out there. We tell them we want five references. If they can’t give it to you, then don’t waste your time.
Other plumber questions to ask what sort of work they have done and how successful they were. We oftentimes ask for references so people can tell us the cold hard facts about the plumber we are going to hire. They are willing to tell us and we are willing to listen. To make sure they are legit and that people haven’t complained you need to see if they are a member of the Better Business Bureau.
Next, you want to know how long it’s going to take them to get to where you are. Ask them what their response time is. You need them soon. Also, ask if they are on call day or night. To go with that, you need to ask about prices. The typical prices you need to ask about are: service rates, travel time, and overtime rates. If they do charge travel time and overtime rates, you want to see how steep they are and also when it comes into effect.
The last thing you want to know is what services they offer such as drain cleaning and see what their specialty is. On top of that, you need to know about their vans. They might have to run to get parts. When that is the case, you might be paying extra travel time. However, if they sound reasonable after you have asked all these things and checked into their references, then all systems a go.