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Your Trusted Guide to Going Green

The thing with change is it can be a little daunting, even if you know that it is good for you. You may want to be environmentally friendly but aren’t sure exactly what’s involved or if that kind of commitment will work for your lifestyle.
Rest assured, going green is easy because it begins with small steps that can fit seamlessly into your life, and ultimately save you money. It’s all about identifying opportunities to make a green choice every day.
Here are some pointers on how to start making those changes.

Earth Day is on April 22

Why not use Earth Day celebrations to kick start your eco-friendly transformation? Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 in the U.S. Now Earth Day is celebrated in close to 200 countries around the world.
In numerous communities, you’ll find rallies, keynote speakers, music, dance, art, bike and road races, outdoor yoga, help for animals and educational resources about sustainable living.
Earth Day is a great day to learn more about the environment and determine how you can help.

Think About how to Reduce Your Carbon Footprintcarbon-footprint

Everyone hates a traffic jam, but when you think about the damage to the environment that all those idling cars create.
It makes you want to avoid it even more. Avoid road congestion by carpooling or by biking.
Make sure to defrost your fridge and freezer once a month. To defrost food, leave in the fridge overnight; don’t run under the tap in the sink.
Use your microwave instead of turning on your oven.
When boiling pasta, potatoes or veggies, put the appropriate amount of water in your pot. Recycle the water to use in your garden. Compost your food waste instead of throwing in the trash.

Tankless Water Heaters Help the Earth

In terms of bang for your buck in helping the environment, tankless water heaters are a marvel.
Instead of storing water and heating it periodically to maintain heat levels (and heat invariably escapes the tank), tankless water heaters work on demand. This streamlines their operation and uses far less energy.
Although tankless water heaters can cost more to install at the outset, the cost savings over time is worth it. Homeowners can expect savings of 20 percent or more on their bills.

Eco-Friendly Fixture Options

save-waterYou waste water without even thinking about it in the bathroom when you are waiting for the shower to heat up or while you are brushing your teeth, for instance.
To remedy that, install motion sensor faucets that will only run as needed. Low-flow showerheads can reduce the rate of flow a lot, which means less waste.
You don’t have to give up water pressure because they work really well. Low-flow toilets are a help as well.

Stop with the Plastic Water Bottles

Yes, water you buy in plastic bottles tastes good and is convenient, but those bottles are terrible for the environment. Typically, they end up in landfills.
A much more environmentally friendly option is to install a home water filtrations system, which lets you remove impurities (i.e. lead and other contaminants) while keeping other healthy minerals that you might want in the water.