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Questions You Should Ask A Plumber Before Hiring One


When selecting a plumber to work in your home, there are several important questions you should ask before agreeing to having work done. First and foremost, you want to ask if your plumber is a licensed professional. A licensed plumber must be certified, and the work performed for a client must meet regulation standards. Remember you get what you pay for, so it is critical to select a plumber that has high work standards and certification.

Does your selected plumber have the experience and capabilities needed to complete your job? You need to choose a plumber that is proficient at fixing your plumbing problem, and not someone on their first job. Novice or hobbyist plumbers may promise lower rates for their services, but you may end up with unprofessional results. If you choose someone who completes plumbing work that ends up being shoddy or unprofessional, you may have to hire a real professional to fix the mess. An experienced plumber should be able to illustrate in layman’s terms what your plumbing problem is, and their course of action.
Lastly, after researching your plumber’s credentials and experience, you need to talk about cost. Ask your plumber how they will charge you for their services. Some plumbers charge by the hour, while others charge for the total cost of the job. Ask if your plumber’s charges will include materials and supplies, or if that will be an additional cost. Make sure that you get an itemized receipt for services rendered by the plumber, as evidence of contracted services. In the event of necessary legal action for poorly performed work and supply costs, receipts and documented methods of payment are best. If a plumber asks for cash, it may be harder to prove services performed by the plumber. Consider asking for a contract to illustrate an agreement between your professional plumber and the homeowner to protect both of you.
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