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Tips On Properly Maintaining Your Drains


Knowing how to maintain your drains is an important skill in order to avoid many inconveniences and unnecessary expensive repairs.

Over time, particles such as debris and dirt can settle in your pipes and slow down the speed of your water flow. When drains are left unmaintained, the accumulation of this debris can result in a clog. To save yourself the frustration and hassle of a clogged drain, you should keep your drains clean and accessible.
Keeping your drains cleaned out prevents any blockages from occurring. One of the simplest ways to clean your drains out is by pouring boiling water down them about once a week. This will keep your drains free of debris.
Another way you can clean your drains is by mixing together a solution of vinegar and baking soda and pouring it down your drain, followed by hot water. This will result in a small chemical reaction that will remove any tough build up. This process will need to be repeated at least twice a year to keep your drains clear. This is a great safe alternative to using harsh chemical cleaners that can damage your drain.
Another important guideline you should remember when maintaining your drains is to simply watch what you put down the drain. A lot of material is not biodegradable, so it is good to practice making use of your waste bin and being careful not to accidentally drop any objects into your drains. A good preventative measure to take in assuring this won’t happen is to use a mesh drain plug. There are many benefits of using a mesh drain plug. One of these benefits is the ability to catch any solid matter in the screen and dispose of it prior to it accumulating inside of your drain. The screen in your drain plug will need to be cleaned out regularly to minimize the build-up in your drain. These are all very effective ways to keep your drains clean and free of blockages.
If you do experience a clog, there are many simple procedures you can use to eliminate them. A clogged drain can be a nuisance. Clogged drains can sometimes smell foul, and may cause further damage if they are left to get out of hand. When you notice your water is flowing slowly, that is a sign of build-up, and should be dealt with right away before the condition worsens. Basic techniques to unclog a drain involve using a auger or a plunger to dislodge the object causing the blockage, and cleaning the drains out using the vinegar and baking soda solution method.
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