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3 Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Many people think that drain clogs can be quickly fixed by the use of a chemical drain cleaning solution, this is simply not true. Some clogs may be removed by the use of these chemicals, but there are plenty of reasons to not use these chemical cleaners. A clogged drain can be the result of major installation issues with the plumbing in a house. If the plumbing of a house is not designed well it will be prone to clogs and that will make the use of chemicals merely a temporary solutions.

There are three primary reasons to not use chemical drain cleaning solutions. The first reason is because they can be dangerous to handle. Often these chemical cleaners can cause acid burns on the skin of those who are handling them. This can mitigated to some extent by the use of gloves, but these substances can get on clothes or on other surfaces.
The second reason to not use these drain cleaners is because they are poisonous if consumed. Children or pets can be killed by the consumption of these cleaners. Even if proper precautions are taken these cleaners may still come into the hands of those who do not realize what they are. Because of this they are best not even brought into homes.
The third reason that these cleaners should not be used is that they can cause damage to your pipes. Many people do not realize that they chemicals can hurt the seals and gaskets on many of their fixtures. Depending on the type of pipes that someone has they can also corrode and damage the pipes themselves. These things may fix things temporarily, but they can actually cause more damage in the long run.
Professionals should be hired to fix clogged drains. They can find the root of the problem, and help it not happen again. Many people think that they can fix these types of problem, and maybe they can for a little while. Hiring a professional plumber is the only way to fix these things permanently, instead of just fixing them temporarily.

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