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How to Pick the Right Plumber


When you know you need a plumber, the first place you might turn to could be the internet. But a simple search will just result in a long list of names and numbers, without much to help you determine which is going to be the best and most affordable plumber. Whether you have an emergency like a leaky toilet or you just need general work done, turn to your neighbors. The best reference is going to be a personal one. Ask if they did the job well, if they were affordable and if they were on time. If you feel like you don’t have enough names to go on, try asking your real estate agent or a contractor if you know one. These individuals are well connected in the industry and can be a valuable resource.

Once you have a couple of candidates, then turn to the internet to confirm what you have learned. There are plenty of rating systems online to help you compare. If you are a member of Angie’s List that can be a great resource. Always check on your plumber license number to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business and not just a talented handyman. In addition, make sure that they are insured.
If you are lucky enough not to be in an emergency situation and you are just having general work done, take your time. Taking the time to meet who will do the work, compare quotes and ask for warranties on the work will save you money down the road and ensure that the work gets done well. Free estimates are key. Most plumbers will be happy to look at the work and tell you how much it will cost without charging you.
Choosing a plumber can be a daunting task. Take the time to ask around and compare what you learn to your own research. Making sure to get to know the plumbers and how much they will cost will aid you in your decision.
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