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arlington-emergency-plumberThe most important thing when faced with a plumbing emergency in Fairfax, VA is to immediately locate the water shut off valve on the fixture that is leaking or overflowing. This valve can usually be found underneath the fixture, but is sometimes located in back of a fixture or appliance. Then turn it off, by turning it clockwise.
If no shut off valve is found for an appliance or fixture, the main shutoff valve in the home can be shut off. If it becomes necessary to turn off the main household valve, it is important to find the circuit breaker and disable that, as well as turning off the gas supply to the hot water heater, if the hot water heater is a gas appliance. This should keep the hot water heater from overheating, avoiding possible injury.
If an appliance is leaking, check the filter to make sure it isn’t clogged first, then if it still leaks, a professional repair person or plumber will need to be called. If you have pipes that are leaking, a temporary solution can be to cover the leaky spot with electrical tape, but this is only a temporary measure to be used until a professional plumber can repair or replace the pipes.
A pail of some sort should always be placed underneath pipes that are leaking, to avoid damage to flooring or other surfaces, until a professional plumber can come out to fix the leak. The affected pipe or pipes will probably need to be replaced, and should always be done by a professional.
Other plumbing emergencies are clogged drains and toilets. A plungers can be tried to loosen or remove the clog, but if that doesn’t work, it’s important to call a plumber to fix the problem. If you try to put anything down the drain, such as a snake device, damage can be done that will be very expensive to repair.
Also, drain opener should never be put into a totally clogged drain, it can mix with the water and create a solution that is corrosive and harmful to your pipes. Calling a plumber is usually the wise thing to do to avoid costly serious damage to fixtures.
If pipes are leaking and are located inside of a wall, or in the ceiling or floor, the home’s main water shut off valve should be turned off and a plumber called as soon as possible. This is important to avoid water damage, such as water spots on walls, or even flooding.