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Looking for a reliable plumber?


Hear that? That’s the dreaded sound of loud gurgling and dripping water coming from your master bathroom. Time to call in the big guns and hire an expert plumber to ensure your pipes are flowing correctly. But how do you make sure you’re hiring the right plumber in Arlington, VA? Here are four tips to consider.

Make sure the plumber is licensed, bonded and insured: Only a licensed, bonded and insured plumber should be allowed in your home. Don’t hesitate to ask the plumber for their certifications when you call to make an appointment. Reputable plumbers offer this information freely to consumers and understand the importance of quality work. Ensuring these certifications are current means the plumber keeps up with current trends in plumbing and makes sure his/her staff is highly trained.
If a price seems too high, or too good to be true, get additional quotes: Don’t be afraid to shop around if the first quoted price seems wrong. The right plumber will respect your budget requirements and will want to provide you with the best service at the best price. But be wary of deep discounts that offer a too-good-to-be-true price. You want to make sure you’re hiring the right plumber, not necessarily the cheapest. 
If you have the time, do your research: Check social media sites for reviews of the company. Are they highly reviewed or are there many questionable reviews? Call the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints about the company. It’s best to do this research when you have lots of time, rather than when you have a plumbing emergency. Set aside a few hours one day to find the best plumber for your future needs.
Make sure the plumber seems knowledgeable about your issue: As best you can, clearly explain your problem over the phone. Does the company seem to fully understand the issue and show a willingness to help you? The right plumber will have a wide range of knowledge about various plumbing issues and can advise you on the best course of action.

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