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A sump pump is connected to a sump drain pit that is typically located in the basement; in the event of a flood, a sump pump is used to force the water out of the basement. Although a sump pump drain pit is usually installed into the home when it’s built, it may also be installed by a professional plumber afterwards. However, the electrical panel and connection for the sump pump should be distanced from potential flooding areas.
A sump pump drain pit is installed in the lowest section of the basement floor; the pump is activated when the water level below the basement floor fills the sump pump drain pit. Once the pump is activated, the water is forced outside away from the home. After the water level lowers in the sump pump drain pit, the pump will automatically shut off.
Once a flood has been drained by the sump pump, the home owner may clean up the resulting mess if necessary. It is important for those who are sensitive to mold or mildew to wear an appropriate face mask with proper filter. Often a film of dirt may be present on the floor from the resulting flood and may need to be shoveled. Alongside shoveling the dirt up, stains and grime can be cleaned using a pressurized hose.
It is important to allow the walls to dry, but to remember not to use any electrical appliances that have been flooded as they will cause shock. A dehumidifier or large fan may be used, or rented to help speed up the drying time. However, it is important to keep all cords away from any wet areas as well as monitor the progress of the drying. Alongside utilizing a dehumidifier or fan, it is also recommended to open all basement and nearby windows to help create a cross-breeze to decrease the drying time.
Afterwards a mildew or mold odor may be present, but may be removed. To remove the odors that are lingering, one may mop the floor afterwards with one part bleach to a bucket of water. After the floor has been mopped, it may be air dried utilizing nearby open basement windows to create a cross-breeze.
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