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Thinking about buying a home?


Buying a new home, be it an existing house, or new construction, is an exciting event and probably the most expensive purchase a family will ever make. Therefore, it is important to see that everything about the house is right. Plumbing inspections are not always required as part of the sale. However, it could turn out to be one of the best investments you make in a new home.

It is easy to see if a facet is leaking. It is simple enough to determine if everything in the bathroom is working as it should. However, finding the reasons for these deficiencies require the services of a skilled plumber.
A plumber will check your water shutoff valve to see it is properly connected and working. Next, the plumber will do a complete inspection of any place where water is involved. He will check to see what kind of pipes you have, such as metal, PVC or some other type that, while workable, may no longer be used. He will locate the point where the drainage pipe can be opened in case there is a clog in the future.
He will check the water pressure in each sink and the washing machine. Next, he will look for leaks or other related problems associated with those areas. The plumber will check your hot-water heater for leaks and make sure it is properly installed and vented. He will also check the connections to the washing machine, the outside faucets and any other place where water may flow.
The plumbing inspection is important. When buying a used car, everyone says to get it checked out by a good mechanic. The same philosophy should apply when purchasing any new home, regardless of its age. With a good inspection, you will know if there are any problems that the previous owner or builder has to address before you agree to buy the house. If you wait until you move in, then any repairs will be at your expense.
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