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Importance of Water Heater Repair Arlington PlumberA water heater is an integral part of the daily life inside your home. Without one, you will not be able to have hot water for showers, washing dishes or cooking. Therefore when a hot water heater begins to experience problems, the longer it sits in need of repair, the longer it disrupts your day-to-day living. Being able to diagnose when a heater is in need of service, as well as how to get the best repair possible is an important part of home ownership.
Water heaters are fairly reliable and can stay in working order for decades because of their simplicity and uniform design, but occasionally, you can experience some troubles with your water heater that can become apparent quickly from noticing the following common symptoms:
(1) The first sign a heater may be struggling is if there is inadequate hot water or none at all.
(2) Also, if the water is rust colored or smells rotten there could be an issue inside the tank.
(3) Finally a whining, popping or buzzing sound from the heater is indicative of a problem that could result in heater failure if left untreated.
No matter what trouble a water heater is causing in your home, a certified plumber can have it fixed quickly and for a fair price. In the spectrum of plumbing repair work, service on a water heater is among the more routine and minor operations. Even if the problem is simply too big to repair on the existing heater system the installation of a new one can be accomplished by any professional plumber in a short amount of time. The plumber will begin by assessing the problems you’re experiencing, then check the pilot light and its controls and valves. A good portion of the time, the issue lies here as a faulty pilot light can keep the heater from engaging properly. Because heater tanks and piping can be at risk for corrosion over time, tests will also determine the integrity of the system inside the tank. If this is the case, a full tank replacement may be necessary, but usually it can be fixed with a replacement of the valves and rods first.
Whether your hot water heater is traditional, tankless, or even solar, our water heater specialists at The Plumbing Dr are reliable, experienced and on call 24 hours a day in Arlington, VA to respond to your plumbing emergency. Contact us today at 703-525-9280. We value your business!