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Protecting Homes From Natural Gas Leaks

One of the primary concerns of any homeowner is keeping their family safe from dangers that can be found in and around the home. During National Wellness Month, it is a good time to reflect on things around the home that could be considered unsafe. While keeping plumbing systems in safe working order is a year-round concern, taking a moment to learn about the dangers of unsafe natural gas plumbing can only be a benefit. 

This month, take advice from local plumbers who specialize in gas line repair and gas leak detection. Their advice can teach homeowners how to recognize leaks and how to respond to them if leaks are suspected. 


How To Find a Gas Leak

To locate a gas leak, paying attention to information from the senses is crucial. One of the things that natural gas and propane are notorious for is their sulfurous smell. This smell comes from a powerful odorant that’s added to the gases to make them more easily identifiable. Since natural gas and propane are naturally odorless and colorless, the powerful smell is an obvious early indicator of a gas leak. 

After the Covid-19 pandemic, more people than ever struggle with smelling certain odors. Therefore, it isn’t always reliable to trust the sense of smell when looking for gas leaks. Other signs that gas leaks are occurring are:

Reacting To a Suspected Gas Leak

If a gas leak is suspected in the home, a fast reaction is critical to keeping everyone safe. The first thing to do is to get everyone out of the area quickly. Gas leaks are flammable and explosive, and the results of gas igniting can be deadly. Without turning any electronics off or on, try to ventilate the area by opening a window or door. As soon as possible, shut off gas service to the home to prevent it from continuing to fill up with gas. After this, call a plumber who specializes in gas leak detection and repair. 

How Professionals Do Gas Leak Detection and Repairplumber

Relying on the nose to locate a lot of gas leaks can work, but it can be an imprecise way of dealing with gas problems. Professionals use special tools and training to locate natural gas and propane leaks quickly, safely, and precisely. 

The human nose can detect the odorants used in gas in extremely tiny amounts, but the special gas leak detection devices that plumbers use are even more sensitive. Using all of their knowledge and tools, plumbers can accurately find the source of leaks and repair them in short order. With a gas leak, every moment counts, and that’s why calling for professional help is so important. 

About The Plumbing Dr

The Plumbing Dr is a gas leak detection and leak repair specialist in Falls Church. Emergency services make their knowledge available at any time, day or night. Same-day service is available for most plumbing repairs. Contact them today to schedule gas leak detection or repair services.