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Understanding and Preventing Common Causes of Burst Pipes

As winter approaches, many people start to think and worry about burst pipes. It’s an issue that often arises on the coldest days of the year, and it’s one of the worst nightmares of many homeowners.

Interestingly, while often associated with frozen pipes, there are a variety of issues that can lead to a burst pipe. Thankfully, however, many of these causes can be avoided with proper maintenance and preventative steps.

Given the expense, damage, stress, and inconvenience of dealing with a burst pipe, you’ll want to be proactive about avoiding this issue whenever possible. To help you do that, here is some information about common causes of burst pipes and ways to avoid these causes.

Preparing for Cold Days and Frozen Pipes

The most common cause of a burst pipe is cold weather. On unusually cold days, the water in your pipes can freeze, causing the pipe to expand. When this happens, it can cause the pipe to burst. Before the winter season, check your insulation to ensure that your pipes are adequately protected.

frozen pipes

If needed, add insulation around the pipes to prevent freezing. Once the cold weather arrives, you can leave your faucet dripping on cold nights and open kitchen and bathroom cabinets. These simple steps can help keep your pipes from freezing and help to avoid the need for a burst pipe repair.

Are Your Pipes Rusty?

rusty pipesWith age, rust and sediment will begin to build up in your pipes. Over time, these buildups can lead to pipe deterioration, leaks and even burst pipes. The good news, however, is that there are often signs that your pipes are deteriorating.

If you notice yellow water, sediment in your water or leaking pipes, it could mean that your pipes are in poor condition. To avoid having major leaks or a burst pipe, have your pipes inspected and repaired regularly.

Staying on top of this regular maintenance will help you determine when your pipes need to be replaced and will enable you to avoid the dreaded burst pipe.

The Importance of Proper Installation

Installing piping systems is more complicated than it might seem. Fitting pipes correctly and ensuring proper connections are essential but not easy to do. If your pipes were not installed correctly, you are at risk of encountering a burst pipe.

wrong installation

A bad connection will cause piping to leak or burst. So, if you’re concerned about your piping or notice signs of bad connections, have your system inspected as soon as possible. By timely repairing those issues, you could help to avoid a plumbing crisis.

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