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Get Ready For a Halloween Full of Plumbing

One of the most important and well-known professions is plumbing. Plumbers are relied on to help homeowners keep their pipes, sinks, toilets, and drains working smoothly at all times. This doesn’t mean plumbing always needs to be serious, though!

Halloween night gives the perfect excuse to have some fun dressing up in plumbing-inspired costumes. Check out these plumbing favorites picked out by industry technicians.

This is One of The Best Costumes, Paws Down

Pets in costumes – who doesn’t love that? This Halloween, dog owners everywhere are looking for the best and most unique ways to dress up their furry friends.

dog plumber

Why not have your pup take a break from drinking out of the toilet and dress them up in this adorable doggy plumber costume? It takes a page out of the old plumbing stereotypes and offers a fun look your friends, four-legged and not, will enjoy.

Mario the Plumber!

When Mario isn’t busy dashing through pipes, defeating Bowser, and rescuing Princess Peach, he certainly makes for the perfect Halloween costume.

mario plumber costume

Everyone is sure to get a kick out of this costume paying tribute to the famous Mario and Yoshi duo. Best of all, you can pair it with a friend as Luigi and get the whole Mario crew going.

Having Fun With a Toilet Services Costume

The toilet is one of the most recognizable and relied on plumbing fixtures in every business and household. Why not pay tribute to it? That’s what this little girl thought when she came up with the idea of dressing up in this toilet services costume. Not only is it funny but super adorable and sure to score all the candy.

toilet costume

When You Need a Cute and Comfortable Option

Moms everywhere can attest to how difficult it is to keep baby warm, comfortable, and looking great on Halloween. That’s definitely not a worry with this adorable baby plumber costume.

baby plumber

Snuggled up safe and warm next to mom, this baby costume is sure to keep him cozy while also looking oh-so-adorable. Too bad they’re too young for candy!

When You Simply Can’t Choose…

This Santa Plumber costume is creative, funny, and a perfect combination of three things loved by many – Halloween, Christmas, and plumbing! Ho ho ho, Happy Halloween!

plumber santa

This costume is the right choice for anyone who simply can’t decide on what to wear and who’s looking for a creative solution. You’re sure to still be talked about the next day after donning this memorable outfit!

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