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Simple Habits Make a Huge Difference

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, so everyone will be wearing green. Since green will be on everyone’s mind, it is an excellent time to stop and take stock of the green habits that homeowners are putting into place to make their households more eco-friendly. Changing habits around plumbing practices and water usage are great places to start being more mindful of the impacts that a home has on the environment. 

The best place to get advice about good, eco-friendly plumbing practices is to ask a professional. 

Shut Off the Water

Saving water is an easy way to make a huge contribution to being environmentally-friendly. The truth is, clean water is an energy-intensive process. The cycle that water goes through to be used for cleaning and drinking is more involved than most people know. It all starts at the source, where water is pumped into a treatment facility and treated with chemicals to become safe. The energy used for pumping and the production of treatment chemicals leaves a large carbon footprint. 

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After it is treated, the water is transported for home usage. Once used in the home, the water travels back to a sewage treatment facility where the same energy-intensive process happens again. 

With all of the energy that gets put into water, saving it will ensure everyone has access, and the carbon footprint of the water industry is lower. Here are some ideas to save water:

  • Use low-flow faucets and showerheads
  • Install low-flow toilets
  • Fix plumbing leaks
  • Water the lawn in the early morning
  • Only wash dishes and clothes when loads are full 

Pay Attention To What Gets Flushed

People tend to forget where the stuff they flush down the toilet goes. The short answer is: it all ends up in the ocean. Plastic matter and objects that don’t biodegrade all end up in the sea, where it becomes a hazard for the local wildlife, and it can wash back up on the beach. Most of these objects are sanitary products that should’ve been discarded in the trash. 

Along with flushed goods, many shower products and cleansers contain plastics that foul up waterways. Microbeads are one of the greatest offenders. Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic used in soap. Once they make it out to waterways, they can be detrimental to wildlife. Their usage is regulated in many countries and municipalities to limit their effects. 

Update Appliances


Appliances are one of the most significant water users and can also be one of the best allies in the fight to conserve water. When it comes time to get serious about water savings, updating appliances will be crucial. Estimates show that up to 50% of the water can be saved by switching to high-efficiency appliances. 

Some things to update to save water in the home are:

  • Dishwashers
  • Toilets
  • Clothing washers
  • Showerheads
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Bathroom fixtures 

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