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Bring Spooky Fun to Your Bathroom

Halloween enthusiasts know that a good haunted house is in the details. No corner of the home is exempt from the spooky holiday; this includes the bathrooms! The possibilities for this often-overlooked space are endless. These easy tips will transform any bathroom into the haunting space it was meant to be.  

Surprise Guests on Bathroom Trips toilet

The toilet may seem like an odd thing to decorate for a holiday, but some well-placed props will go a long way in transforming the spooky space.  

Homeowners can add festive patterns like pumpkins or ghosts to their toilet tank and lid using some vinyl stickers. Those trying to achieve a more terrifying effect can look for stickers featuring bloody handprints or ominous messages. 

Toilet covers are another great way homeowners can dress up their toilets. These inexpensive pieces can feature witchy images or gory displays that are sure to terrify guests. Homeowners can look for these inexpensive covers in most stores during the holiday season. 

Homeowners looking to go the extra mile should try swapping out their everyday toilet paper holder for one with a bit more holiday spirit. Toilet paper holders shaped like bones or spooky hands are sure to give guests a thrill. 

Convert the Shower Into a Horror Sceneshower

For bathrooms with a shower, homeowners can swap their plain shower curtain for one with a spookier vibe. Shower curtains featuring a spooky scene or scary pattern are easy to find during the holiday season. Homeowners can store away their regular curtain till the season is over or leave it up all year round!  

For a Halloween party, homeowners can frighten their guests by filling their tubs with a mix of water and red food coloring. Inside the shower or bath, homeowners can try adding some washable blood spatter and spooky props.  

Leave a Mirror Message for Guests

Using a washable red marker, Homeowners can get their guests’ attention by leaving bone-chilling messages on the mirror. Quotes like “They’re here” or “REDRUM” are sure to get their adrenaline pumping. 

When it comes to haunting bathrooms, nothing ups the scare factor like lighting. Homeowners can swap out their vanity lights with spooky colored bulbs to set the mood of the room. Try a red bulb for a bloody effect or a black one for a ghostly vibe. For a final touch, homeowners can place themed candles strategically throughout their space. To avoid a fire hazard, homeowners can swap their traditional candles for safer electronic ones that give off the same effect. 

Lastly, homeowners can look for themed soap dispensers to keep the spooky theme going while guests wash their hands.

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