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Hydrojetting Services Explained

Hydrojetting is a method of high-pressure drain cleaning that professional plumbers use to fix tough clogs. The drainage system is an often overlooked part of the home’s plumbing, but drains are essential for carrying contaminated water away from the house to the sewer. All of the home’s drains lead to either the main city sewer or a home septic tank. 

Sewer line problems can be difficult to resolve and cause problems throughout the plumbing system. A burst pipe underground or contaminated water backflowing into the home is among the dangers of a main sewer line clog. Hydrojetting is currently the only professional-approved method for cleaning sewer lines. In this blog, professionals discuss the common causes of sewer line clogs that can be fixed using hydrojetting. 

Infiltrating Tree Roots

treerootsTree roots can grow into underground pipes in search of water through any small crack they can find. A lot of a home’s plumbing is located underground or beneath the home’s foundation, which makes these pipes susceptible to infiltrating roots. Tree root clogs can continue to worsen until the pipe bursts. 

Household plungers and other traditional unclogging methods will not be enough to resolve clogs from infiltrating tree roots. Professional plumbers can use camera technology to locate the source of the clog. Once the clog is found, the plumber can connect the hydrojetting machine to the pipe and blast away the clog with pressurized water.

Cooking Grease Build-Up

greaseA common sewer line problem that plumbers deal with each year is cooking grease build-up, causing clogs. Animal fat, oils, and grease should never be disposed of by pouring them down the drain. The grease can coat the inside of the plumbing and harden to create a nasty clog. 

Cooking grease build-up can trap particles of food and hair in the pipes until the sewer line clogs. The only way to effectively clear this type of clog in the main sewer line is with high-pressure drain cleaning services from a professional plumber. It is recommended to fix sewer line clogs as soon as possible to prevent dangerous backflow or a burst sewer line. 

Flushing the Wrong Thing Down the Toilet

The toilet should never be used as a trash can. Just because something can fit down the toilet does not mean it’s meant to be flushed. Flushing non-flushable materials down the toilet can create a clog in the sewer line that requires professional repair. 

The only thing that people should flush down the toilet is toilet paper. Paper towels, sanitary products, cotton swabs, gum, and cigarette butts should never be disposed of in the toilet. A home with a septic tank may need to use septic-safe toilet paper. Even if the toilet does not clog after flushing the wrong thing, non-flushable materials can build up in the sewer line and form a nasty clog. 

Even products such as baby wipes advertised as flushable are not plumbing-friendly because they cannot break down as easily as toilet paper. Homeowners should use the trash bin instead of the toilet for all items other than toilet paper. When a clog in the sewer line does occur, hydrojetting services can be used to remove the clog. 

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