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Advantages of Gas Tankless Water Heaters Over Other Units

In the quest to reduce energy waste and save on monthly utility bills, more and more homeowners are making the switch to gas-powered tankless water heaters. While the initial cost of large tankless units is higher than that of traditional models, they offer numerous advantages and can end up saving money in the long run – and not just in terms of energy bills.

The average lifespan of a traditional water heater is around 12 years, while most tankless units last 20 years or more. This, coupled with the fact that they require significantly less maintenance, makes them a sensible investment with plenty of returns. But the benefits don’t stop there – keep reading to learn why so many homeowners are trading out their old water heaters for tankless models.

Going Tankless Can Help Cut Energy Costsbill

Traditional water heaters work by filling a large storage tank with water and keeping it hot and ready for use at all times. This means that energy and fuel are being used 24/7 to maintain the correct water temperature. This “standby” energy loss can add up to hundreds of dollars every year.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, only heat water as needed. When a hot water fixture is turned on, high-intensity heating elements or gas burners inside the unit rapidly heat the cold water to the desired temperature. This “on-demand” system virtually eliminates standby energy consumption. For this reason, tankless water heaters use around 30-50% less energy than conventional units, which can noticeably decrease utility costs.

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Ideal for Households of More Than Two People

Since tankless units heat water almost instantaneously, they can maintain a constant supply of hot water indefinitely. This is a major selling point for families of three or more who use a fair amount of hot water throughout the day – no one will be left without hot water after the rest of the family has showered! 

An average water heater storage tank holds around 50 gallons of water. It can take quite a while for all that water to get hot again after it’s been depleted. Most tankless models can produce 2 to 5 gallons of hot water per minute, all day long. 

The Convenience of Gas Units for Both Residential and Commercial Use

Gas-powered tankless units typically have lower operating costs than electric units. This is mainly because electric heating elements require a considerable amount of electricity to provide adequate heat. Natural gas and propane provide heat more efficiently, and gas units use relatively electricity to run.

Gas tankless units are very compact compared to traditional heaters, which makes them more convenient. This is an advantage in residential applications where space may be a factor. But it’s also great in commercial settings, where multiple units may need to be installed, and smaller, more discreet models may be desirable. Those looking to reduce utility costs and improve efficiency – businesses and homeowners alike – should consider talking to a professional about investing in gas-powered tankless water heaters.

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