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Identifying Dangerous Gas Leaks

August is National Wellness Month, so many people are planning to take some time and relax after a long, hot summer. Wellness is a holistic concept that blends ideas like emotional and physical health to treat the entire person, not just a symptom. In modern society, so many of the problems people experience are a confluence of factors that all add up to constant stress and poor health, so it is helpful to take some time and deconstruct some things to figure out what is causing the problems.

Home safety is an essential aspect of National Wellness Month because the home’s safety directly impacts health and stress. Not only is the house supposed to be a haven from the world and all of its stress, but it also has to protect people from threats like pathogens and the elements. But what happens when the home becomes a source of trouble?

Gas lines in the home can quickly cause problems when they leak. Understanding the signs of gas leaks and how to respond can be the difference between serious injury and a safe home. Here is a quick guide to gas leaks and how to react from local experts.

Signs That a Gas Leak Is Present

gas leak smellGas leaks are a very serious problem that can quickly result in massive property damage and natural gas poisoning. This is why it is important to know the signs of gas leaks and respond quickly. Some of the symptoms of gas leaks are:

  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • Dead plants indoors
  • Hissing noises
  • High gas bills
  • Physical symptoms, like nausea, vomiting, headaches, etc

Natural gas can be used in several places around the home, notably the furnace, cooking range, and water heater. Homeowners should take these signs seriously and act as soon as any signs of a gas leak are noticed.

Responding to Gas Leaks

Catching gas leaks and responding quickly is the only way to prevent harm from gas leaks. When a gas leak is suspected in the home, everyone in the house should evacuate the area immediately. Make no attempts to turn any lights, electronics, or appliances off or on, including using cell phones to prevent a spark that could ignite the gas.

Homeowners should also try to keep the windows and doors open on their way out of the house. Once everyone is safely outside and at a safe distance, the local gas company and a trusted plumber should be called to shut off the gas, handle the gas leak, and repair the gas line.

Professional Gas Leak Detection and Repair

gas leak detectionPlumbers are trained and have special gas leak detection equipment, allowing them to quickly determine if a gas leak is present and locate it. Once the source and location of the gas leak are found, they will make the necessary repairs to the gas line and restore service to the gas-fueled home appliances.

Installing a gas detector in the home is a great way to protect against the dangers of gas leaks, as it will alert the household immediately upon sensing natural gas. These devices differ from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, although some models can detect more than one. Place these detectors near appliances for the best protection.

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