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Signs to Replace the Water Heater

Many homeowners only consider replacing their water heater if the water from the tap or shower goes cold. While routine maintenance can extend the system’s life, sooner or later, it will eventually need repairs and replacement. However, if a homeowner knows what signs to look for, they can understand when to get a new water heater or call for repairs. Here are signs that indicate it’s time to call a qualified plumber for water heater repair or replacement.


corroded water heater Water heater tanks are made out of steel that contains iron. This means they will eventually rust. Rust is the most recognizable form of corrosion, and it shouldn’t be present in or on the water heater. Check the hot water tank for corrosion or rust around the shutoff valves and pressure relief valve. Homeowners can also notice rust or corrosion in their hot water when it comes from the tap. Hot water from a corroded water heater can have a reddish hue or be murky with a metallic taste.

Unfortunately, a water heater that has begun to rust or corrode typically can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced. Corrosion breaks down the metal and can cause the water heater to start leaking. Since it is a precursor to a leak, replacing the water heater as soon as possible is vital to avoid an even bigger disaster.

Loss of Hot Water

The purpose of a water heater is to supply the house with hot water. If the hot water supply is an issue in the home, that’s a sign that water heater repairs or replacement may be necessary. The loss of hot water could be that no hot water comes out, the hot water runs out quicker than usual, or the water temperature is wildly inconsistent. All of these issues indicate a professional should be called.

The loss of hot water in a home could result from various causes. First, there could be a problem with the burner, heating element, or thermostat. Secondly, low hot water volume could be the result of neglected maintenance. The tank may have sediment that is interfering with heating water because during maintenance, the sediment is flushed from the tank, and the anode rod, which attracts corrosive sediment, is checked and replaced if needed. In both cases, a water heater repair specialist can inspect the unit and determine if they can fix it or if it needs replacing.

Rising Energy Bills

high energy billsWater heaters consume a lot of energy and account for nearly 20% of total energy use in the home. When water heaters experience problems, the first sign is often on the energy bill. Energy bills can get out of hand by spiking suddenly, indicating a problem with the water heater, or they can creep up slowly over the years, a sign of growing inefficiency.

The best way to ensure water heating bills stay low and that the water heater maintains good energy efficiency is routine water heater maintenance. Professional maintenance experts can also catch problems before they worsen and perform tasks that make issues less likely.

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