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Is It Possible For a Homeowner to Install His Own Electric Water Heater?

It’s no secret that there are thousands and maybe even millions of “how-to” guides on the internet. However, when it comes to installing your electric water heater without the help of a professional, well, that is where the line in the sand stands. No doubt, there is most likely someone out there that has come up with a comprehensive guide on how to install a water heater by yourself, but that doesn’t mean it is safe or accurate!

Installing a water heater without the help of a professional is dangerous, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. Plumbers are trained and certified in their profession, which means they know how to handle unforeseen problems that arise while working on an installation. Continue reading to learn more about water heaters and the dangers surrounding installing them on your own.

The Buzz About Electric Water Heaters

water heaterWhether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater, chances are you don’t want to go a day without it. Taking an ice-cold shower, especially in the winter, is never fun and quite frankly can be dangerous when it’s cold outside.

That is why the homes of today’s world are equipped with water heaters. A water heater does what the name says, it heats up all the water that flows into your home. It also works relatively simple as well. The water in the tank is heated up with electricity and the hot water then rises to the top of the tank.

That is where the water exits through the heat-out pipe where it enters your home via a shower, washing machine, dishwasher or sink. Electric water heaters tend to be more cost-effective than gas and they will heat water quicker than a gas water heater. That said, you can spend the money you are saving by switching to electric, on a professional plumber to help you install it properly.

Installation Safety Dangers

There are many things that can go wrong during the installation of an electric water heater. These appliances are relatively simple, but their installation is not, and the proper water heater safety precautions must be taken. The installation process actually calls for plumbing knowledge as well as electrical knowledge.

safety dangers

That alone is a good enough reason to call in a professional to do the job for you. However, if that is not enough, here are a few things that could happen during installation that could turn your safe home quickly into a dangerous one.

A few dangerous scenarios include:

  • Water leaks
  • Bacteria contamination
  • Blocked relief valves
  • Ignition source
  • Improper thermostat settings

All of these scenarios could potentially end in fire, explosion or even sickness. If that isn’t reason enough to call in a professional, then maybe the threat of electrocution on top of all of these dangers will be enough. Electric water heater installation is dangerous without the proper skill-set, and frankly just isn’t worth the risk.

You Can Trust a Plumber

call usThe only way to ensure that your electric water heater gets installed properly is by calling in a professional plumber to do the trick. Of course, though, you want to make sure that this plumber is bonded and insured by a trustworthy company before hiring.

Even a professional can mess up an install if they are properly equipped. Call a trusted plumbing company with years of experience and you can then feel safe about your water heater installation. Get the job done right and save yourself some time, money and stress in the end.

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