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What Does a Plumber Need to Fix a Toilet?

Plumbers use a wide variety of tools for their trade. From sump pumps to drain snakes to powered augers, a plumber comes with an arsenal of options for fixing common plumbing problems they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Plumbers can handle issues from stopped up sinks to clogged toilets, to leaking pipes and garbage disposal malfunctions all with plumbing tools they have in their work truck. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most important tools plumbers have on hand for fixing toilets.

What Tools are Needed for Toilet Repairs?

repairing toiletPlumbers have numerous tools on hand to prepare them for toilet repair. Wax seals are needed in case the bottom of your toilet starts leaking. Wax seals get dry and harden over time. After enough uses, they can crack and cause water to leak into your bathroom.

New seals are essential to stop any flooding. If you hear your toilet tank running water into the bowl even when you haven’t flushed, your tank flapper is likely to blame. These are commonly made of plastic or rubber and can degrade with time.

When they stop sealing correctly, excess water is allowed to drain into the toilet bowl. Replacing the toilet flapper can stop this problem right away. Another standard tool on hand is the rig that allows your handle the pull up the stopper. These are commonly made of plastic and break over time. A new unit is easily installed and ensures a proper working toilet.

How Do Pros Unclog Toilets?

Toilet clogs often require several tools beyond the use of a plunger. One of the most common tools on had for a plumber is a snake or manual auger. An auger is a metal unit that plumbers insert into piping through the toilet bowl opening. It works its way down through pipes and pushes clogs down, effectively dislodging them and allowing proper water flow.

tools for unclogging

If a manual snake is not enough, plumbers will have electrical augers for extra pushing power. On those extremely tough clogs, plumbing contractors can also use hydro jetting to fix a toilet. This system uses highly pressurized water to blast away just about any and all blockages that could be causing issues in your toilet.

When All Else Fails, Opt for Replacement

replacing a toiletWhen plumbers need to replace a toilet, they have an entirely different set of tools. In addition to the unit itself, wax or rubber sealers are required to seat the toilet. These go between the base of the toilet and the sewer pipe, ensuring proper sealing and suction, keeping leaks from occurring. Plumbers will also have wrenches and bolts to secure the unit down tightly.

They’ll hook up the tank to your water pipes, ensuring proper filling of your tank. Finally, they’ll use nuts to tighten down each bolt and ensure your toilet is installed with no excess movement of the bowl or tank. With a toilet replacement, you can always opt for thoughtful upgrades like water-efficient flushing systems and even bidets!

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