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3 Reasons the Washing Machine Smells Bad

The washing machine is a pretty amazing tool. Dirty clothes go in, and clean clothes come out smelling like a field of daisies. The smell of clean laundry is pretty recognizable. Even candle companies have scents for a clean laundry smell. However, sometimes the washing machine and the clothes in them don’t smell so clean.

There’s a stench as soon as the washing machine is opened. Many homeowners have gone through this experience at one point or another. However, a smelly washing machine is preventable. Here are a few tips to eliminating that nasty smell once and for all.

Eliminate Soap Scum Build-Up

soap scumSoap scum build-up is a common problem for many things that mix soap and water. Even sinks and showers can have soap scum leftover on the counters next to the sink or the tile in the shower. The same is true for washing machines.

While the washing machine spins to clean the clothes, the soap suds splash up against the sides of the machine and the agitator of the machine, if there is one. When these suds splash above the water line or are left over after the water has drained, the suds will build up to become soap scum and can leave a nasty smell.

One of the best ways to prevent soap scum from building up is to run a load about once a month with only 2-4 cups of white vinegar. Just make sure not to do this right after bleach has been used, and don’t pour the vinegar into the bleach dispenser.

When bleach and vinegar are mixed, it can create chlorine gas, which is deadly! The vinegar can help to dissolve the soap scum that is sitting on the inside of the machine. Another way to prevent soap scum from building up is to use less soap or smaller loads of laundry. If there’s too much detergent or too many clothes, it’s hard for the machine to rinse properly, which leaves leftover soap scum.

Stop Leaving Wet Clothing in the Washer

It’s easy to forget about a load of laundry once it’s put into the washer. People get distracted by other things: news, email, work, cooking, etc. However, one of the major causes of a foul washing machine is the smell of wet clothing that has been left in the machine for too long.

leaving wet clothing

When wet fabric is clumped together, it can’t breathe, and it starts to smell. This smell not only exists in the machine but on the clothes themselves too! Therefore, it’s best to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer as soon as the washing machine buzzer goes off.

Clear Hidden Clog Behind the Machine

hidden clogA third common cause of nasty washing machine smells is a hidden laundry machine clog. If there is a clog hidden behind a washing machine, dirty water can be trapped in that clog causing an odor.

When the dirty water can’t drain through the pipes as it should, it can also cause the clothing to smell in addition to the machine.

Rather than trying to put chemicals through the washer to clear out the clog, it’s best to call a professional to take care of the problem.

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