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Need to have your drains cleaned?


TV commercials make it seem as if chemical drain cleaners are the perfect solution to every clogged drain. When your own kitchen or bathroom drains are clogged, your first thought might be to run out to the store for one of these handy and inexpensive commercial products. These products are certainly easy to use and might handle some types of minor problems if carefully used on rare occasions.

There are actually multiple problems with relying on harsh chemicals to fix your plumbing issues. Many products contain corrosive acids that might be harmful to your own plumbing and the local environment. They might also provide a temporary solution, but they might not be addressing the real problem with your plumbing or sewer system. The chemicals can get on your skin or in your eyes if you do not take proper precautions too.
The most obvious problem is that anything you pour down your sink or bath will travel through the sewer system and back out into the city water. Over time, these products will reduce the quality of the water that you drink and bathe in.
If your sewer is backed up because of some physical obstruction, you really need that problem addressed. A commercial product might solve the problem for a day or a week, but it will surely come back. If your backup is caused by root growth or a child’s marble, you really need a plumber to diagnose and address the issue by removing the physical obstruction.
Do you wear goggles, rubber gloves and protective clothing when you use a chemical drain cleaner? Most casual users do not bother, but you have to realize that any chemical that can dissolve grease and hair will not be good for your skin. These toxic chemical are also a hazard if they are left around the house for curious kids and pets to get into.
Your plumbing is worth thousands of dollars. The environment and your family’s health are priceless. Consult with a professional plumber to resolve your drain issues before relying on harsh chemical drain cleaners. Are you in need drain cleaning services in the Arlington area? Contact The Plumbing Doctor at 703-525-9280 and schedule a service call today!