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Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?


When considering updating and beautifying your home, the bathroom is maybe not the first thing you think of, but when you decide that it is the bathroom’s turn for special attention, it can seem like an unnecessary waste of money to hire a professional to work on such a small area of your house. But making this decision based solely on the short term financial benefits could really hurt you in the long run. Here are some things to think about before renovating your bathroom.

Because bathrooms are such a small area of the house, they require a lot of precision planning and physical precision when actually remodeling. Miscalculating your tiles can lead to a waste of money if you estimate too high, or an inconsistent pattern if you wind up having to go get more tiles. Most sinks and toilet seats are pretty straightforward, but the tub or shower can be difficult to know where and how to measure if you are not already experienced in
remodeling bathrooms.

If you mess up the installation of your new hardware and find yourself with a leaky tub or a section of tiles separating from your wall in a few months, you have just resigned yourself to listening to the wife complain about that tacky cheap job for the next five years until you break down and get it re-done, probably paying more than if you would have had it done professionally the first time. And if it is done right, you shouldn’t need to have any significant remodeling done for the better part of a decade or more.

But beyond the time that the remodel will last, think of the time spent remodeling. Maybe you are a craftsman of above-average expertise who could do this himself if he wanted to. But alternatively, you could spend that time with your family, talking about how exciting it is to have a new bathroom. Ultimately, you are the one who will live with your choice, but we just would really like to be a part of making your bathroom everything you want it to be, doing it right so that it will last for you and your family to enjoy for a long time to come. 

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