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Replacing Your Sewer Lines Alexandria PlumberThe largest investment you will ever make is your home or business. Keeping the structure preserved is of up most importance not only for safety, but also to retain the value of your property. Just as essential as the construction is the works that make the building or home complete.
Sewer lines are one of the most valuable extensions within a building. The life of a sewer passage varies depending on when the structure was built, including the surroundings, how old the culvert is, what type of pipe was used, and the trees on the property. All these are factors that may eventually lead to the need for sewer repairs.
The most common occurrence that demands a sewer line replacement are tree roots. The stems of older foliage will grow around pipes, often wedging into the plumbing. Trees are drawn to moisture and becomes so thick they actually squeeze the pipe tubes. Getting a professional to rout the line may be the easiest and less expensive but routing the pipes only cuts away the roots. They will eventually grow back. By far, it’s better to fix the problem and get rid of the tree than to buy time routing the sewer line only to have a more costly repair later.
There are several options you have when faced with sewer troubles. If a portion of the pipe itself is corroded, then it’s possible to have the area cured in place. This is a process called “pipe lining.” A professional plumber uses a flexible tube that is coated with resin and blown into the broken pipe. After a few hours, the substance dries, creating a pipe that covers the damaged cylinder.
Pipe busting is another alternative. This method includes pulling a pipeline through the one that’s impaired while tearing it outward. Sounds complicated, but it is not. Holes are dug on either side of the region for access. As long as the line hasn’t totally collapsed, there is room for a cable to run through. If the joints have complete crumbled pipe busting may not be possible. A trained repairman can make that assessment.
No matter what obstruction causes a need for sewer line repair, it is wise to hire an expert to fix it properly. In the long haul it will pay you to keep the grounds preserved and all the connections working properly.
The Plumbing Dr. understands the severity of a sewer failing. Our knowledgeable staff is prepared with up-to-date sewer repair certification to get the job done right the first time.  Call us today at 703-525-9280.