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Water heaters used in many Falls Church homes can lead to increased energy costs if they are not maintained at peak efficiency. Continued use of a water heater can lead to decreased performance. If you your water heater runs on electricity, then it will use up to 15 percent of your home’s energy. However, a water heater not properly maintained can use much more energy. You can keep a water heater running at peak efficiency by having it serviced by an experienced professional.
One feature of a water heater that is examined during a service call is the pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valves is a feature that is found on all water heaters. If your water heater reaches a temperature of 210 degrees, then pressure in the tank will be released through this valve. The thermostat will also be checked to ensure that the unit is set to the proper temperature. You will save money on your electric bill if you have the thermostat set to a minimum of 120 degrees.
The examination of your water heater may show that you are losing heat through your water pipes. The water pipes will need to be insulated if your basement is cold. Insulating the pipes will keep water from needing to be regularly heated by your water heater. You will save money when your pipes can keep the water warmer longer.
A water heater service technician may recommend installing a timer on your water heater. If you install a timer on your hot water heater, then it can be set to turn the unit off at night. Turning off the heater at night will save on the cost of electricity. One thing that a standard water heater needs to do is run regularly so it can maintain hot water in the tank.
Regular service of your water heater requires a complete flush. This is when the water is drained out of the tank to flush out sediment that has built up over time. Regular flushing will keep the unit running at peak efficiency and help to decrease your energy costs. Flushing the unit will also keep bacteria from forming.
The Plumbing Dr will like to remind you that by scheduling periodic service calls, you can keep your water heater running at optimal performance and save money on your electric bill. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 703-525-9280.