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Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain


Much like Murphy’s Law, there is never a convenient time for a clogged drain. In an effort to save time and money, your first instinct may be to purchase a chemical drain cleaning solution. However, there are a number of reasons to reconsider this choice.

To be effective, commercial drain cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals. Without proper safety precautions these solutions can cause chemical burns to the skin and eyes or produce caustic fumes that could permanently injure your lungs. Splashes may put children and pets at risk for poisoning.
While the solution may unclog the offending drain, the chemicals could damage your pipes and decorative plumbing fixtures. Older, metal pipes may become corroded and develop leaks. Even modern PVC pipes can soften due to the chemical’s corrosive nature. A seemingly simple solution can lead to severe plumbing issues.
Chemical drain cleaners are designed to be used on organic material such as hair or food. However, they are ineffective against sediment or mineral deposits. Without removing the entire obstruction, you may develop a chronic clogging problem. Chemicals are completely useless if a tree root, rather than a hair-ball, is the source of the clog. Very few homeowners are equipped to make this type of diagnosis.
It is also important to consider the Eco-friendliness of the product. Once the chemicals are flushed down your drain, they may seep into the ground water. Eventually these toxins can poison fish and other animals who drink from your rivers and streams. More frightening, they may find a way into your water supply. This is especially true if you use a septic system.
So, while we all want to save money, stop and consider all of the possible costs before purchasing a chemical drain cleaning solution. In many cases, consulting a trained professional will save you time, money and future problems.
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