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The most obvious sign that your sewer may need repair is water that backs up in your basement. If this water smells foul and look foul, the chances are very high that the sewer line needs repair. Immediate attention to this condition is essential.
Another sign is slow draining bath tubs and sinks. A good test is to fill the bath tub up to the overflow tube and then pull the plug and watch how the water drains. If it drains slowly and makes a gurgling noise, the sewer line needs attention.
Of course, if the toilet backs up or drains slowly it could indicate a clog or it could indicate a sewer line problem. Have the toilets checked for a clog or something stuck in it. If nothing is found, then revert to the sewer line inspection plan.
One other distressing sign is foundation moisture that may be brown in color. This could be a sign that the sewer line is leaking and gravitating to the foundation. In more severe cases, the basement block wall will show signs of moisture where the sewer line exits the house.
When the water from a broken sewer line leaks into the soil, it will make the ground soft and wet. However, by the time the soggy ground is noticed the line has been broken for some time.
Occasionally, a tree or a shrub near the sewer line will start to show unusual growth. This could mean that the line is leaking water and the shrub and tree are benefiting from it.
When these signs are evident, it is time to call a plumber and have the sewer line inspected with a video camera. This is particularly important in older homes with cast iron sewer pipes that will rust and break over a period of time.
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