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Arlington Water Softener Installation
Are you experiencing problems with hard water? Are your appliances just not performing like they should? When in the shower or bath are you concerned how hard water is affecting your body? Does every surface that comes in contact with water look “filmy”? If the answers to some or all of these questions is yes, you could benefit immensely from having a water softener installed in your home.
Hard water affects many areas of your home. The symptoms of hard water vary from inefficient appliances, a change in the minerals in your body, scum on surfaces and fixtures, to deposits left in your pipes. Hard water can even leave a build-up of lime scale in your water heater, causing a higher energy bill and damages to the water heater itself. Clothes washed in hard water are often stiffer, duller, and wear out faster. If you are interested in prolonging the life of your appliances, enjoying clean fixtures, keeping your body’s minerals at optimum potential, and keeping everything in your home running more efficiently, installing a water softener is a great solution.
How do you know if you need a water softener? Let an expert answer that question. You can have your water tested by an independent tester so your results are unbiased. If you decide to get a water softener, there are a few ways to lessen the cost. Just run the soft water to the areas of your home used for cleaning and washing. This will save on the cost and keep you from drinking large amounts of soft water. Always keep your water softener maintained and cleaned properly.
You may wonder what, exactly, is “soft” water? It is water that has been processed to remove excess minerals. It’s taking “hard” water, which contains many minerals, and running it through a water softener. A water softener acts like a fabric softener, giving the water a smooth feeling. Try out a water softener for yourself to realize the many benefits. Soft water will save you money in the long run.
Ready to begin seeing the benefits of a water softener system installed in your home? Contact The Plumbing Dr, your Arlington water softener specialists, today at 703-525-9280.