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Boilers are the heating system’s most important component, when it does not function properly it not only wastes money but it can become a danger. Home maintenance includes keeping the boiler properly cared for. Having an inspection done yearly can help to prevent serious problems, there are some signs that a boiler is in need of repair between inspections. In order to keep the boiler running properly and prevent early replacement is important to have it cared for professionally.
A professional plumber should check the boiler if discoloration or soot appear on or near the boiler. A leak in the heating system may be present if water is on or near the radiators or boiler. Heating bills that are higher than expected can mean that the boiler needs fixing by a professional. The water in the boiler not heating in an adequate length of time could indicate a problem with the controls and it is best to let the professionals handle it.
A sign that the boiler could be in need of repair is that it is making a strange noise such as whining, banging or groaning from the heater. There could be a loose belt, problems with the ignition system or on the verge of developing a crack. Turning the thermostat up higher than you normally would to get the house to warm up is a sign that something is wrong and it will gradually get worse if a professional is not consulted to take care of the problem.
There are times when a boiler is beyond repair, in such cases a professional replacement is the answer. A boiler that is over fifteen years old or is no longer efficient should probably be replaced instead of repaired. The lower heating costs will make up for the higher initial costs by lowering energy bills.
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