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Is your garbage disposal in need of repairs?


If there is one piece of equipment inside your kitchen that you don’t really think of it is the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal is out of sight and often out of mind but it makes taking care of discarded food and other items a breeze. However, when the garbage disposal starts to fail it is going to make your life a bit more difficult. This doesn’t have to remain a drastic problem though, if you know when the garbage disposal needs maintenance.  Below are some signs that your garbage disposal needs maintenance:

Won’t Turn On: Alright, so this is a bit obvious but it is a common problem that usually comes out of nowhere. Older disposals are going to run into serious issues. When your garbage disposal does not turn on it means the motor is probably damaged and blown. In order to fix this situation you need to completely change the garbage disposal. It is cheaper to replace the entire thing than to leave it and replace the motor, plus locating the right motor part for your particular garbage disposal might be a challenge. If you have a newer garbage disposal it might have simply turned off because a spoon or other item fell down as these devices have automatic turn off features when this happens so the blades don’t become damaged.
Standing Water: If the sink has standing water and it is not draining it is because you have a clogged pipe. You can take the plumbing apart underneath the sink if you feel confident changing the pipes yourself or you need to call your local plumber in order to correct this situation.
Strange Noise: If you hear a strange noise in the garbage disposal it means there is either something stuck in the disposal or the blades have been damaged. Make sure to unplug the disposal before reaching in.
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