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Does your sump pump need maintenance?


Keeping a basement from flooding is something that every homeowner wants to avoid. Watching for the signs that a sump pump may need maintenance is a good way to save money on costly repairs later on. Homeowners who are smart about maintaining their sump pumps should never have to worry about paying to have serious problems fixed. These are some of the signs that indicate a sump pump needs maintenance.

The first sign that a sump pump needs some maintenance is that it won’t turn on and has problems turning off. When this happens, it is vital to call somebody out to do some work on the sump pump before it starts to flood the home. It can indicate that there is a problem with the float-actuated switch, which can cause a lot of issues in the long run.
The second sign that a sump pump needs to be checked out by a professional is that it begins to make strange sounds. This can be a serious problem, so it is important to have some maintenance done immediately before anything goes wrong. A noise like this can be caused by a jam in the pump, something malfunctioning or even the entire pump breaking down. Speed here is important, as it can be expensive to replace a sump pump that has broken down completely.
The third sign is that the sump pump has developed a strange smell. This could mean that the system is not sealed properly or it that it is not venting correctly. Having this corrected right away is important, as a problem like this can even threaten the health of those living in the home. It could also indicate that something has clogged the sump pump, and having this taken care of quickly can ensure that people don’t have to deal with flooding in their homes and costly repair bills.
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