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Need a plumber in Arlington?


Picking a plumber can seem like an overwhelming task at first. If you are well prepared before venturing out to choose one, it will be a cinch. It’s important to gather pertinent information; after all, your home is an important investment.

The first thing you should do to begin narrowing down the choices of your Arlington, Virginia plumber is to ask some trusted sources who they recommend. Some people that may have a clue are neighbors, friends, co-workers, whoever sold you your home, and trusted builders or other repairmen you’ve used in the past. They will likely have the inside scoop on who the best plumbers are.

When you are calling around to different plumbers, there are some bits of information you can utilize to your advantage. Most reputable plumbers will have someone answering the phone for them. Therefore, if you call and it seems like a residential line, you may want to cross that plumber off your list of choices. This is evidence they are not well established yet. You should always get a price for a job in writing before agreeing to the repair. Further, you should ask about the plumber’s service warranty. They should be confident enough in their work to offer a warranty for up to a considerable amount of time after the repair has been made.

A good plumber will always explain to you exactly what is wrong, and how it needs to be fixed. If the plumber will not take the time to do so, a red flag should go up. This is one sign that they don’t have concern for their reputation, because they won’t take the time to establish a customer relationship.

Finally, it is imperative that your chosen plumber has a license number. This is a way of covering your repairs should it be done incorrectly. This is also a necessary bit of information if you are filing a home insurance claim.

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