sydney_smart_270_ez_elongated Toilet

Sydney Smart toilet suites features Caroma’s exclusive Smart technology flushing system that has been developed over a decade. The Smart System delivers the ultimate combination of design, water savings and performance.

Smart technology from Caroma saves money while protecting the environment. Sydney Smart provides:

Proven Water Savings:
Averaging 0.9 gallons/flush, Caroma Smart technology saves more than 19,000 gallons/72,000 liters of water per household per year compared to 3.5 gallon/13 liter single flush toilets and even more on older toilets with greater water usage.

Proven Reliability:
Smart technology is brought to you by the world leader in dual-flush high efficiency toilets.
Proven Award-Winning Technology:
Smart technology is industry recognized as the benchmark in toilet suite innovation.

Contemporary style, advanced performance

High efficiency toilet (HET) – 1.28/0.8 gallons (4.8/3 liters) per flush

Two piece, two button dual flush toilet

17″ high elongated bowl

Large fully concealed trapway

Virtually unblockable

10-12″ adjustable rough-in

WaterSense labeled


31 1/4″L x 18 3/4″W x 33 7/8″H (bowl height = 17″)
Also available in regular height, and round front models
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