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Sump Pump Service Benefits


Arlington Plumber Sump pumps are used to move accumulated water from a sump pit. A sump pit is typically found in a basement or craw space, which is really just a hole used to collect water. For home use, sump pumps are generally small, about eight to ten inches tall and about six to eight inches in diameter.Water can accumulate from several drainage locations or from natural ground water.
Water also accumulates when appliances malfunction or breakdown such as laundry machines, dishwashers and water heaters or broken pipes.
Sump pumps are usually installed in the basement or craw space because these areas are typically where flooding is seen as a problem as well as to keep the water level below the foundation. The water is simply piped away as it can be considered dangerous.
What Are the Benefits of a Sump Pump?
There are considerations when selecting a sump pump for your particular application. A sump pump is designed to automatically come on by itself to remove the water when it reaches a certain level which can be determined by an adjustable setting. This adjustable setting is a float valve that rises when the water lefts it until it activates the on switch.
Other considerations would be how much horsepower you want the pump to have. Some pumps can have a quarter horsepower to multiple horsepower. The amount of power is based on your particular needs. When installing your pump, you will want to make sure the electric cord will reach the outlet.
It is not recommended that an extension cord be used for safety concerns. Also, make sure the plug is a grounded plug. This means it needs to have a third prong, which is the ground. However, it is highly unlikely it will not have a ground connector.
Sump Pump ServiceWhy Do You Need a Sump Pump in Your Home?
Another important consideration is where to direct the discharge water. This will be done by the connected piping to the discharge valve, which is a threaded hole located at the base of the pump.
Your sump pump can also be connected to your security system alerting you to malfunctions with the pump. For best results, discuss your needs with a professional plumber.
Hindsight is always 20/20, don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home. To install or repair a sump pump in your Arlington home, call the experts of The Plumbing Dr. at (703) 525-9280.