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How To Maintain Your Water Heater

Nothing is more frustrating that getting up on a cold winter morning to find that your water heater is not working and you won’t get any hot water in the morning. Fortunately, there are few useful tips to help you maintain your water heater throughout the year, helping you in getting hot water supply every time you need it.
Your water heater can be taxed due to excessive use of warm or cold water. Generally, it’s good if your hot water needs are no greater than 70 percent of your water heater’s capacity. For instance, if your family uses 10 gallons of hot water in one cycle, then you should preferably use a water heater with a capacity of 20 gallons.
You should also keep in mind that stagnant water in your heater may lead to buildup leading to issues such as odd smells, noise, and different colors in your water. Therefore, you should regularly flush out your water heater to keep it in best condition. This will prevent any sediment buildups that may otherwise interfere with the normal functioning of your unit. Also, you should carefully read the owner’s manual and understand all shutdown protocols of your water heater. You should seek professional assistance if you feel you won’t be able to carry out the process in a proper way.
Sometimes issues with large household appliances, such as water heaters, should be handled by professionals . If you feel that your heater is not working properly and you need water heater maintenance, you should immediately get in touch with a professional and let them check the unit and resolve all issues, including replacement of any defective part. Even small problems such as low water pressure and leaks indicate a much bigger problem, which if not attended to in time may lead to costly repairs later on.
There are many ways to treat and maintain your water heater in Burke, the professionals at The Plumbing Dr. can help you maintain your water heater so you don’t wake up to any unpleasant surprises. Contact 703.525.9280 to set up an appointment today.