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Plumbers Recommended Technique Of How To Unclog A Sink

Kitchen Sink Clogs

Arlington, VA draincleaning_720It may seem as if your Arlington home kitchen sink can easily get clogged, and this may be the truth. Kitchen sinks tend to receive a lot of food, especially when food goes into a garbage disposal unit, or food may go down the drain that has no garbage disposal unit.
Any food that goes into the drain of the kitchen sink will have to be small enough to go down the drain, but it’s still possible for the food to clog the drain.
Many choose to dump oil into the kitchen sink, and it’s possible for the oil to get hard after a while and stick to the insides of the drain, clinging to anything else that goes down the drain, which can then cause a clog.

Bathroom Sink Clogs

Everyone uses the bathroom sink when they are grooming themselves in the morning or getting ready for bed. Many tend to do their makeup around the bathroom sink, and brushing teeth, grooming hair, and washing hands is common around the bathroom sink.
Although soap that’s used in the bathroom sink will eventually have to go down the drain, the soap scum can easily cling to everything that comes near it, such as hair, cotton, body oils and more.
The more things that go down the drain, the more likely it is for the sink to clog.

Plumbers Have Great Unclogging Methods

A Arlington plumber has their ways of dealing with clogs, whether they have to unclog a bathroom or kitchen sink. Bathroom sinks are somewhat easier because of the fact that plumbers can disassemble the pop-up assembly, which is what water has to go through when it goes down the drain.
Once this assembly is taken apart, then it can be cleaned and determine if it’s a cause for the clog. A kitchen sink may have a garbage disposal unit, which will need to be disassembled, especially if the clog isn’t in the trap of the drain.
Both the bathroom and kitchen sink have a trap, and it’s very common for the trap to contain a clog. If the trap doesn’t have the clog, then it’s possible that the plumber will go on to snake the drain, plunge the sink, or even flush the drains if this is something that needs to be done.
Plumbers can easily unclog drains, so remember them when you get a clogged sink.

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