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Sump Pump Installation Arlington
Most people have heard the words ‘sump pump’ but don’t really know what they are and certainly don’t give them much thought, unless, of course, they experience regular flooding in a basement, garage, or any place that sits below the foundation’s water table and are sick and tired of the water damage and moldy smell that accompanies repeated exposure to unwanted water.
A sump pump is basically a submersible or pedestal water collecting sump basin with a pump that sucks up standing water and re-directs it away from the flood source to a place where it won’t cause any damage. It can be manually or automatically operated, depending on the frequency of use required.
Having a sump pump hardwired into your home’s electrical system eliminates the need for running a power cord for any length distance to power the pump, which can leave more opportunity for damage to the cord resulting in short circuits or fire hazards and the like. A professional plumber is the best source to inspect, install or replace a sump pump.
Any sump pump should have an adequate back-up battery system to continue doing its job even if there is a power failure, such as during severe storms when water is most likely to accumulate quickly. Water level sensors and alarms are common accessories to use with sump pumps to alert the owner of a possible malfunction with the pump or an accumulation of debris that is not allowing the pump to work properly.
As with anything mechanical, sump basins and pumps require regular maintenance for proper operation, improved efficiency, and extended pump life. Having the pump itself, the basin, and discharge lines inspected and cleaned once a year is recommended, if not more often for high volume usage.
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