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When sewer lines clog and back up, homeowners in Alexandria VA become frantic, and justifiably so. And if your home is on a slab since there is no access to the main sewer line, conditions will get worse before they get better. Sadly, this is a critical health hazard and it isn’t going away any time soon. The fact of the matter, it’s going to get worse. Unless of course, you have Hydro Jetting unclog your sewer line.
What is Hydro Jetting, and what does it do? Hydro Jetting uses extremely high water pressure to blast out all the crud, dirt, grease, sand, and just about anything else blocking your drainage system. It’s cost-effective and keeps the usual high drain pipe repair costs under control. As a result, your professional plumber can safely unclog your pipes, and flush the clogging materials out of your system without damage to your pipes. Hydro Jetting, “is the standard technique for sewer and drain cleaning,” according to industry experts.

This system is a proven effective method of restoring your pipes to their original condition. Not only does Hydro Jetting blow out clogs, it effectively cuts through roots and exposes root penetration. Wastewater will drain and flow correctly, preventing new debris buildup and more clogging. Clean pipes will expose any leaking pipes, which will allow your plumber to take corrective action to repair them. In the long run, this entire process will keep your drains running correctly for a long time. What’s more important you’ll save a lot of money.
We’re you to know ahead of time your pipes would clog and not drain properly, you would fix the problem. Unfortunately, it seems these events just happen. That’s why a good maintenance program is an early warning system of looming danger. In the event, you ever suspect something’s wrong with your drainage system, immediately call a professional plumber familiar with these kinds of situations, one who will suggest the right way to solve your drainage problem.

The Plumbing Dr. is your hydro jetting expert! We will Flush the clogging materials and inspect your pipes for damage, Call us today for more information at 703-525-9280