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Dangers of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line


Everyone enjoys the beauty and shade that trees provide, until their roots break into the sewer line. Plants with strong roots such as trees are attracted to the warm moisture surrounding sewer pipes and will grow towards and around them. Roots will then find even the smallest cracks to invade. Often this provides an ideal environment for root growth to thrive causing pipes to become clogged or broken and sewer flow to slow or stop all together. This is a serious problem and should be addressed at the first sign of a problem, as it will only become more difficult to repair.

In order to prevent or treat roots in a sewer line a professional plumber should be brought in. Root invasion requires a professional and should not be treated by the property owner. There are chemical and non-chemical solutions to treat roots that are breaking into the sewer, and often various methods are employed together. Typically roots are manually removed, and then the pipes are resealed. Pesticides can be applied around the pipe although this can have detrimental impacts on the environment so care should be taken. Plumbers also have access to a variety of chemical solutions which can be poured down a drain in order to destroy the roots inside the pipes.
Prevention is essential to avoiding this expensive problem. Planning should go into the landscaping of all properties. Trees and other shrubs should not be planted near sewer lines. In areas with established trees or older sewer lines, care should be taken to replace old pipes with new sealed pipes. Plumbers are also able to clean out pipes regularly and check for the beginning of any root intrusions. Hiring a plumber to make sure sewer pipes are not compromised regularly, which allows the homeowner to relax and enjoy their landscaping without worry.
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