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Reasons why your garbage disposal gets jammed

A garbage disposal is a crucial kitchen appliance. One that’s used numerous times every day. However, a common problem people have is their garbage disposal becomes jammed. There are a number of reasons for this. Still, no matter reason your garbage disposal becomes jammed, if you want it to perform at its best, you should have it serviced by a professional. This will help to prevent it from becoming jammed repeatedly and disrupting the smooth functioning of your home. There are a number of reasons your garbage disposal can become jammed. The following are some of the most common reasons.
Blown fuses are one of the most common reasons people’s garbage disposals become jammed. This can be caused by overloading the circuit into which the garbage disposal is plugged. If the fuse blows often, there may be a short in the system. Contact a service person, make them aware of the problem and let them take care of it for you.
An overheated motor is another reason your garbage disposal may jam. There are any number of reasons your garbage disposal’s motor may become overheated. Allowing it to cool and pressing the reset button may get it working again. But activating the reset button may require you to stick your hand into the disposal. This can be dangerous. If your garbage disposal’s motor overheats it’s always a good idea to have it check by a skilled professional to make sure there is not a more serious problem with the motor that can be solved with a little TLC.
A jammed flywheel or grind ring or dirty impeller blades are other reasons your garbage disposal may stop working. The flywheel may become jammed if the garbage disposal is overloaded or if certain items are placed into it. The first thing you should do is turn off the power to the garbage disposal. Next you should call a professional. Reaching between the impeller blades to remove the clog can be dangerous. A professional has the tools and the training to safely remove any clog and get your garbage disposal working properly again.
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