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Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance


A sump pump is found in the basement or crawl space of many homes to pump out water if flooding occurs. Scheduling regularly maintenance checks will prevent a lot of problems. However, many people do not schedule regular maintenance checks and find out there is a problem with their sump pump once problems occurs in the basement. Recognizing the signs that your sump pump needs maintenance can help you avoid costly home repairs.

Odors: If you begin to smell a bad odor, it could be that your sump pump is not functioning properly. Water that is left standing can develop mold and mildew causing a lot of damage to floors and walls. Prolonged exposure to mold and mildew can also cause many health problems to homeowners. With regular maintenance checks, the vents or system seals in your sump pump will be cleaned or replaced.

Loud Noises: Sump pumps normally should run quietly and smoothly. Loud noises coming from your sump pump indicates that something is wrong. You could have some mechanical problems or the system could be clogged up. With proper maintenance, you keep your sump pump running smoothly and quietly.

Switch or Float malfunction: If the sump pump does not turn on or the pump is not shutting off, there could be a switch malfunction within the sump pump. A properly functioning sump pump will have a float actuated switch that turns the pump on when the water reaches a certain level. Failure to have the switch within the sump pump checked regularly will eventually cause sump pump problems.

Flooding: If you being to notice that your basement is flooding and water is not being pumped out quickly, then your sump pump is not functioning properly. A good sump pump will keep the water out of your basement. Proper maintenance will help you avoid a flooded basement.

To prevent costly home repairs that can be avoided, make the smart choice to have your sump pump checked regularly. Is the sump pump in your Arlington home in need of maintenance? Contact The Plumbing Doctor at 703-525-9280 and schedule a service call today!