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A clogged toilet can be a really stressful event for homeowners in Vienna. The mess that comes with it, and the ensuing damage, can occasionally be catastrophic, but more often than not, the damage is simply messy and irritating. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to deal with a clogged toilet, and they all begin by being proactive. Avoiding the clog in the first place, is the best way to avoid the damage associated with a toilet overflowing. Being proactive is also rather simple, and straight forward.
The first tip is to avoid flushing, non flushable items. These items are often the cause of clogs and toilet backups. The toilet bowl is designed for a single purpose; flushing human waste. Toilet paper is designed to go through the drains, but paper towels, diapers and spoiled foods are not. These items often get stuck in the “U” bend and cause a backup.
There are several items that are toted as flushable, that still should not be sent into a septic tank or sewer system via the toilet bowl. Feminine hygiene products, such as tampons, are considered flushable to the company, but they simply are not designed for older plumbing systems. Tampons are designed to absorb liquid, and that includes water. Many toilets have clogged due to these devices filling with water and getting trapped in the plumbing of a home.
Addressing a slow drain, before it becomes a full clog, is also a great way to prevent damage. If you notice the toilet is going down slowly, plunge it as it occurs. Using the proper plunger is important. A plunger with a neck is intended for toilets. Plungers lacking a “neck” are intended for sinks and bath tubs. Plunge the slow drain and see if it helps. If it does not it is time to call in a plumber to snake the issue. This will prevent a forming clog, from becoming a full blown clog.
Keep youngsters out of the bathroom unless they are using it for its intended purpose. Mischievous minds have a tendency to drop toys and other items down to see what will fit. Keeping a child-proof clamp on the toilet bowl will avoid this issue all together.
Also check on how much toilet paper they are using at any given time. A huge wad of toilet paper, even though it is intended for the toilet bowl, will create a clog. This tip goes for adults, too. Use only as much toilet paper as you truly need. Over-indulgence, in toilet paper usage has been known to cause clogs.
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