Arlington Bathroom Remodeling Services

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Arlington Bathroom Remodeling Services

The plumbing in your bathroom could change during the remodeling process. If you have designs on moving your shower, adding a tub, or changing the sinks, you need to think about what that means to the piping beneath the floor and behind the walls.

By hiring The Plumber Dr to assist you in your Arlington bathroom remodeling services, you can rest assured you are employing the best. Our team of plumbers are highly trained and experienced to tackle all of your remodeling needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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What Major Plumbing Issue Must You Consider?

The plumbing issue you must consider is the movement of pipes in the room. You may want to move the shower to the corner, install a new tub or add a sink, but you must reroute pipes in the bathroom to make your dream come true.

You can see where the pipes must go to make the bathroom functional, but only a professional plumber can move the pipes safely. The water to your home must be shut off, the pipes must be moved, and new fittings must be installed to make the pipes operable. The plumber could spend several days changing the pipes before anything else in the bathroom is completed, but this is a necessary safety precaution.

What Local Codes Must Be Complied With?

The local codes change for city to city. Every municipality has the right to set its own building codes, and your plumber is aware of the codes that must be followed. You cannot acquaint yourself with all the codes on your own. Trust that your plumber will do the remodeling of the plumbing up to current building standards. If you or your plumber have questions, you can consult your local code enforcement office.

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What Are Signs You Must Replace Your Shower?

Certain shower problems will cause its immediate replacement. Leaks in the basin of the shower that drip onto the floor below are grounds for a replacement. Also, the doors and glass in your shower must be operational. If you find the doors rusting or the glass frosty, you must replace the shower. Finally, anything that goes wrong with the fittings in the shower is grounds for a replacement. It is easier to replace the whole shower than it is to find the one fitting that works.

When Will You Need to Replace Your Tub?

The tub in the house is subject to the same problems that you face with the shower. Leaks in the fittings warrant a brand new tub. Also, cracks in the body of the tub warrant a replacement. Finally, it is best to replace your tub when it will not hold water anymore. You do not want to keep running the spigot just to keep the tub full.

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