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Tired of dealing with hard water?


A water softener system is the solution to hard water. It removes calcium, magnesium and other minerals from water to produce soft water which contains significantly fewer amounts of these metal ions. These systems also help to avoid problems that can result from hard water which include soap scum, lime scale buildup and many others. Here are the benefits of a water softener system.

Shinier Glassware and Silverware: With soft water, less mineral deposits are transferred to your glassware and silverware which results in them being both cleaner and shinier. 
Reduced Housework: By having a water softener system, soap scum and calcium buildup in areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathroom are reduced which results in less housework to be done.
Preserved Life of Household Appliances: Not only will a water softener system preserve the life of water using appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine but your energy costs will be lowered.
Softer Fabrics: When washing clothes in hard water, these ions become trapped in fabrics making them stiff and looking less clean. With a water softener system your clothing will last longer and look cleaner.
Reduces in Greenhouse Gases: Having a water softener in the home can reduce a significant amount of greenhouse gas from the earth. This reduction in greenhouse gases are equivalent to removing one SUV from the road per year.
Reduces Usage and Cost of Soaps and Shampoos: With soft water, soaps and shampoos can achieve a rich lather. That means you use less product and save money.
Softer Hair and Skin: Hair and skin will feel soft and smooth when cleaned with water treated by a water softener system. 
Overall, there are several benefits of having a water softener system installed in your home. Not only will your clothes and appliances benefit greatly but you will save money while helping the environment. Are you looking to install a water softener system in your Arlington home? Call The Plumbing Doctor at 703-525-9280 and get started today!