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Before one ventures into a shower remodeling project in Reston, they will need to prepare a basic checklist of things to do and items to obtain beforehand. While a shower remodeling project may be accomplished by the average homeowner, an individual may also consult the services of a professional contractor if necessary.
One of the first things to decide on before committing to a shower remodel is the available budget for the project. This step allows for the individual to decide how much they may spend on building materials, fixtures and contractor costs. Once the balance has been decided upon, the next step may begin.
The next thing to do is for the individual to consult with their local government pertaining to building permits, or electrical and plumbing permits. Depending on where the person resides, they may be required to obtain the necessary permits for their shower remodeling project. If the particular home was built some time ago, it may also be necessary to have the home tested for asbestos or lead-based paint before renovating.
Afterwards, the next thing on the checklist is to decide on the floor plan and design of the bathroom remodel. If necessary, the toilet may need to be re-situated or other designs may need to be taken into consideration to be able to fit the remodeled shower.
Measurements will need to be taken on the existing space before renovations are made on the bathroom. Once measurements have been taken, the individual will know which size parts of shower units may fit into their specific space. Other things that should be taken into account when performing measurements and determining a design is bathroom fixtures and lights.
Once the person has successfully completed the above steps, they may consult with a professional contractor for an estimate on their specific shower remodeling project. When consulting with a contractor, the individual should also explain to them their checklist and what they have planned into their shower remodeling design.
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