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3 Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

Entering 2016, one of the most popular areas to remodel in many homes is the bathroom. Regarding home remodeling, there are a variety of reasons why the bathroom is a popular choice for remodeling projects.
One of the main reasons is that the bathroom has become more than just a bathroom. The bathroom has become an avenue for personal expression.
Arlington, VA 2016 Annual TrendsMany Arlington homeowners use the bathroom as an area to display their personality and preferences. While the bathroom is a highly functional area in the home, the look of the bathroom can be as different from home to home as the home exterior.
Concerning the bathroom, the only limitation regarding bathroom style and appearance is the homeowner’s creativity.
In 2016, the three top bathroom trends to watch for involve:

  1. Showers.
  2. Sinks.
  3. Colors.

Showers to Look For

In recent years, Jacuzzi tubs were a popular bathroom trend. However, homeowners are currently favoring showers. People have a variety of ways that they like to showcase the shower such as creating an oversized shower or multiple shower-heads.
In addition, to accommodate and emphasize the shower, many homeowners are simply removing the tube or reducing the tub to freestanding status.

Sinks That Might Look Great

The bathroom sink has traditionally been above the counter where the sink is easy to see and utilized. However, under-mount bathroom sinks are becoming very popular. One of the reasons for the popularity of the under-mount sink is the feeling that it is easier to keep clean.

Colors to Consider

As with almost every aspect concerning home trends, colors usually make a huge impact. In 2016, colors will play a huge role in bathroom trends. However, colors are a very subjective and personal component to bathrooms.
Regarding trends, color is somewhat influenced by geographical location, but some colors that are currently popular across various locations include browns, tans, greens, and whites.
The bathroom has become a showcase for many homeowners. The reason is because the bathroom is one of the most utilized areas in many homes. Eventually almost everyone who enters a home will see one or more bathrooms within the home.
In many Arlington homes, the bathroom has become more than just a bathroom. The bathroom has become a personal statement concerning style, preference, and taste.
Regarding remodeling efforts, the bathroom is an area of the home that is very popular. Within the bathroom, there are numerous trends to follow related to what is or is not currently popular.
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