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Stop the Spooky Noises Behind the Walls

Spooky noises around the home are often something that comes along with Halloween decor, but sometimes those noises may stick around longer than the homeowner had hoped and signal a problem instead. When loud noises are coming from the plumbing behind the walls, this is certainly the case. 

The plumbing can be the source of several unusual noises, but none are as unnerving as the sound of banging or vibrating pipes, indicating a water hammer. Water hammer often manifests as a loud banging noise that echoes through the house, and it can cause significant damage if not properly addressed. Here is a quick guide to educate homeowners on what a water hammer is, why it is risky, and how professionals may fix it. 

What Are Water Hammers?

Anything in motion tends to stay in motion until another force acts on it. In the pipes that run through the walls of the home, this principle is embodied. When valves are opened, either in the case of a faucet or water valves serving an appliance, water rushes forth to meet the demand. When the valve or faucet is shut quickly, the water still wants to move forward but instead slams into the valve seat. 

The resulting change in direction or stop causes a hydraulic shock that sounds like a hammer hitting the pipes, and it can reverberate throughout the home. This is a water hammer. The shockwave of the water hammer through the lines can shake pipes loose from their mounts and cause the sound to get louder and louder. However, water hammers can cause much worse effects than just the noise, so they need to be addressed quickly.  

Risks of a Water Hammer 

water hammer A water hammer can cause much more damaging things to happen in a home. The shock wave from the water hammer can damage pipes by causing problems for the pipe joints and connections. As the lines shake loose of their mounts, the problem can worsen if they hit each other or the wall. 

Piping can become so damaged from a water hammer that the pipes leak or burst and flood the home with water, which can lead to additional problems for homeowners, such as water damage, spikes in the water bill, and mold growth. This makes it essential for homeowners to get the water hammer fixed as soon as it’s noticed before these worse effects can occur.

How Do Professionals Handle Water Hammer? 

water hammer service If a water hammer is haunting a home, professionals should handle the problem. Water hammer is a complex issue that requires their expertise, as several solutions may be used depending on the situation and cause. They may need to install a water hammer arrestor or air chambers to cushion the shockwave or drain the system and existing air chambers if they are filled with water. 

If the mounting straps around the piping are loose, the loose mounting straps may need to be tightened or replaced to stop the water hammer. Additionally, the pressure-reducing valve may need to be adjusted since high water pressure can also cause a water hammer. 

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